Order Realistic Pet Portraits from photos

Order a Pet Drawing or Pet Painting

Commissioning a custom pet portrait from Petable Portraits is easy.

If you know what you want

If you're not sure what to order

  • Email me. Send photos. Ask any questions. Tell me stories about your pet.
  • I will make recommendations based on your photos. I don’t upsell, I suggest options based on what I think would make the best final portrait of your pet.
  • When you feel confident with your choice, make a 50% deposit below or I can email you a PayPal invoice.
  • I’ll take care of the rest!

Pet Portraits from Photos

I'm happy to do custom sizes - just mention it. Adding an additional pet is $75 and may not work for smaller sizes. Full or complicated backgrounds add $75. I'm always up for a challenge, so I will consider any ideas you might have.


Drawn using graphite or charcoal, these drawings have a classic, timeless quality and can look modern or traditional depending on the frame style and decor.

5x5 – $100

8x10 – $250

11x14 – $350

12x16 – $450

Colored Pencil
Most Popular Choice

For these lifelike drawings I use colored pencil, watercolor, and sometimes ink. The color brings your pet to life and background colors can be customized.

5x5 – $150

8x10 – $300

11x14 – $400

12x16 – $500


These are the most "painterly" of the portraits. Lifelike and engaging, they are painted with acrylic paint which looks indistinguishable from oil paint, but without all the harsh chemicals and lengthy drying time.

8x10 – $500

11x14 – $700

12x16 – $900